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23-10-1 69.70%
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80-65-4 55.17%
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932-710-34 56.76%


About Benny Vintage

Benny Vintage has been tutored and mentored by his father since the late 1990's.  Prior to joining Teddy online, Benny worked independently offline with friends which gave him his first experience of sports handicapping industry.  Benny knew that if he wanted to provide sounds sports advice to his clients he needed to learn from the best and decided to join his father.

Renowned for his early line calls, most of his picks come from comparing his predicted lines with the LVSC opening lines and jumping on the games with the highest gaps. Benny is currently riding 8 consecutive years showing a profit in both college football and college basketball.  Benny provides picks on both the Side, Moneyline and Total plays.  If you're looking for an expert handicapper with years of experience and the tutelage of a legend, then add Benny Vintage to your game day analysis this season and start betting on the smart games. 

Teddy Vintage backs the age-old statement that investing in sports is a marathon and not a sprint. Benny believes this to hold true and believes all clients should understand sports investing before they invest.  The experienced handicapper knows that the success from plays is meant to be judged over the long haul. This is the main reason why the Vintage formula has been so profitable for more than two decades.


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