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Weekly Results
Record Percent
13-8 61.90%
Monthly Results
Record Percent
79-47-4 62.70%
Yearly Results
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970-670-35 59.15%


Why Teddy Vintage?

Seasoned veteran Teddy Vintage is the genuine article and has now passed the knowledge along to his son, Benny. Benny has business experience, energy and a love for sports which makes him the natural choice for your sports betting handicapping. Benny attributes his prolific experience in the sports handicapping sector to his father's advice on money management. Not all sports gamblers have the necessary time or know-how to correctly identify good odds value, but now you can let Benny do your homework for you.  Benny will release picks only on high valued games so with a limited number of daily selections it allows members to strategically wager on the games with the best odds.

The Mission Statement is the same today as it was from day one. 

"I seek to return enjoyment to sports wagering for my members and provide my members winners on a consistent basis. I pride myself in knowing I get paid to perform a service and driven by the trust that my members have in me and my research."

With an unwavering and acute focus on this mission, the Vintage Club members can have complete confidence in the daily play selections from Benny and stand a prosperous and enduring future with his services.  Benny's picks can viewed daily and immediately after the scheduled start time.

If you are interested in benefiting from the homework and expertise of Benny Vintage, then join his elite Vintage Club today and start getting the same picks information that his members have been enjoying for years. As a show of confidence and trust to his members, Benny displays every daily pick on his home page instantly after the start of each game.  View Archived Records History

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